Q: Will all three judging areas be included in this event?

A: Yes, this is an official FLL event which means it is mandatory that Robot Design, Research Project, and Core Values judging sessions take place.  You will attend all three judging sessions in what we call a “Block” schedule (one session immediately follows the next session).

Q: What does the judging session look like?

In Project, teams will have 5 minutes for their presentation, and then 9 minutes for Q&A with the Judges.

In Robot Design, teams will have 4 minutes for the RDES followed by 10 minutes  for Q&A with the Judges.

In Core Values, teams will be given a teamwork challenge and provided 5 minutes to work on it.   This will then be following by 9 minutes for Q&A with the Judges.

In ALL  cases, a Judge Time Keeper will knock on the door at the 13 minute mark and that is everyone’s indication that you have 1 minute to wrap up the session.  At the 14 minute mark the Judge Time Keeper will open the door and the spectators, kids, and judges will all know it is time to exit the room.  This will give 1 minute to exit and 5 minutes for the judges to fill out the rubrics, comment, and rank each team before they see the next team.  This will also help to ensure we stay on time and maintain and equitable amount of time for each team in front of the judges to be fair to everyone.

Q: RDES and Core Values Poster?

We are asking teams to prepare the RDES for Robot Design judging.  If your region does not use the RDES, please download the information RDES Robot Design Executive Summary and follow the instructions.  If your region does not usually use the RDES, it is simply a format/process to follow for your Robot Design Judging presentation and nothing needs to be handed in or prepared in a print format.

We will NOT be asking teams to prepare a Core Values Poster (another optional judging piece in some regions).



Q: Will there be robot practice rounds?

A: Yes, your team will have 2 practice rounds on Thursday prior to the 3 official rounds beginning on Friday.

Q: What size walls will be used at the Open?

A: FLL HQ in the US has two acceptable FLL table designs (one which uses 2×4’s as the wall heights and one that uses 2×3’s for the wall heights).  In Ontario we will be using 2×4 wall heights.  Although the lumber is called a 2″x4″, it is actually 1.5″ thick and 3.5″ high.   Please plan for this in your robot strategy.

Q: Competition Matches- how long?

A: Our competition matches are FLL’s standard two minutes and thirty seconds.


Q: What is the pit size?

A: You will have a  10’x10′ booth with an 8 foot high pipe and drape along the back and 3 foot high pipe and drape along the sides for teams to use.  You will have one table (6 ’x 30” x 29” and are between 2-3” thick. They will be plastic tables, un-skirtedand have two chairs provided.  You will have a 6 foot long folding table on which you can place your research project and we will provide power to your pit.

NOTE: You should bring a small extension cord and/or a power bar to take power from our box to your laptop/robot.

Q: Can we decorate our pits?

Absolutely!  The pits are your opportunity to make an impression and share the personality of your team.  Teams often want to include decorations that help represent their country/state/region.

Q: Team Swaps?

A common tradition for teams at many tournaments to “swap” team items or trinkets, or for teams to give away treats, stickers, etc. to other teams. We do not have a formal “swap” program here, but we encourage your team to bring small items that tell other teams about yourselves and/or the region you are from. It helps to get teams to interact with each other, and swaps are just plain fun!  We are recommending you have around 750 items to swap if possible.

If your giveaways cost more than a dollar or two, we ask that you not share these items with the judges. Although a small, rather inexpensive gift is not something that can bribe the judges; we want to avoid any appearance of impropriety.


Q: Hotel accommodations, parking, and transportation (subway)

A: FLL Ontario will post on the Team Info page details about hotel accommodations.  We have worked out hotel deals for teams at hotels near the venue but rooms are limited so book early.  You are welcome to find your own hotel as well if you prefer.

Parking is very limited in downtown Toronto and it is strongly suggested that teams plan to use our public transit system called the TTC to travel to and from the hotel/venue.

To travel from Pearson Airport to downtown Toronto, a few options exist.  Trip Advisor is a great place to start your planning.

Q: What is the weather like in Toronto in June?

A: Toronto is usually comfortably warm and sunny in June (20°C) but mornings and evenings can be cooler.  You will want to check the forecast before traveling to ensure you have the proper clothing though as it could be quite different than “normal” with “Nature’s Fury” dictating our experiences. :)



Q: I need more Blue Jays’ tickets, how can I get them?

A: There will be a limited number of them for sale on site at the event which will be a part of our group at the game.  Alternatively, if you want to pre-order your tickets to make sure you get some we will be in section 526.

Q: Will the event provide translators?

A: Teams MUST bring their own translator for the team so that communication in English can be accomplished.

IF POSSIBLE, we will try to have someone who speaks your language available to help with questions so please indicate that language on your team registration and we will start looking for individuals to do so.

Q: Where is the event taking place?

We are hosting this event at the University of Toronto (downtown campus) and the robot game piece of the event will be held at the Varsity Arena (299 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1W2).

Q: Which teams will be able to compete in this event?

A: Invitations will be sent to the FLL Operational Partner for regions invited. The breakdown of teams will be 1/3 from Canada, 1/3 from the US, and 1/3 from outside North America. A full list of the regions receiving invites can be seen here.

Q: Is this event well organized?

A: Our goal at FLL Ontario is that children come to our events and have a great time, feel celebrated and inspired.  We also strive to ensure that coaches and volunteers find the event organized and streamlined.

We understand that the quality of the event is a big concern because travel and event fees are a considerable amount of money.  We have been running events in Ontario for 11 years now and currently are home to over 400 teams, 22 qualifying tournaments and 2 Provincial Championships each year.  Some of our experienced Ontario coaches have responded to this very question in a LEGO forum if you would like to view what they think of our events.


Q: I would like to volunteer for the event. How can I get involved?

A: You can check out our volunteer page and review the various jobs at an event, select a few you think you’d like to do, and then register yourself as a volunteer on the registration link.

Q: Registration Deadline?  We did not receive an invite, but would like to come.  Are there spots available?

A: We will be collecting team registrations for the month of February.  After that, Operational Partners in each region will be notified by FLL Ontario of a new link to the registration page which they can then send to one additional team in their region that they would like to also invite.  If after a week expires and there are still available spaces, Operational Partners will be allowed to invite additional teams until all spots are filled.